What is the sign of 2/3 of night to stand a Qiamullail?


Hey guys,
Do u ever know what is the sign of a suitable time to do a Qiam?  How would u know that when u just awake from taking a lil nap, that time is suitable time for Qiam?are u sure that time is 2/3 of night?

By the way, why the 2/3 of night  has been chosen as a suitable time to stand a Qiam?  The reason is, most people will sleep before 12 at midnight because for a healthy life, a person should get 6 to 8 hours sleep at night.  So, when people start to sleep before 12 at midnight, most of them will awake after Subuh.  In the meantime, whoever wakes up at 2/3 of night, The Lord Allah will tell the angels to watch and salute the one who wakes up at that time just to worship Allah.

Okay, lets just proceed with the lovely answer.  Some people will just guessing or try to predict the time, but actually there is some way to know or a hint to guide u superbly.  Just some general info for all, the hint is, the rooster will cackles in the morning.

This might make y’all in a very confuse situation right?  Y’all might say this, “Of course the rooster will cackles in the morning, so the perfect time to do Qiam is at 7 a.m?  When the sun rise?  nah, that is insane.”

Hold up.  I’m not finished yet.  Actually every morning, i mean starting from 12:01 a.m till 11.59 am, the rooster will normally cackles 2 times.  The 1st cackle is around 3:30 a.m till 4:00 a.m and the 2nd cackle is around 6:30 a.m till 7:00 a:m.  So, as u can see, the suitable time to stand a Qiam is at the 1st cackle.  Rationally, its hard for people to wake up at the 1st cackle right?  If u ask for it, u will get it.  U can try to stay awake at that time if u dont believe me.  I’m not saying im a full-knowledge person, but im telling u this coz to guide some people who dont even know the time to stand a Qiam.  I hope this might guide y’all, ok?? Have a great and superb Qiam ya??

p/s –

1.For those who live in the mid of the city, u can just remember the times that i posted just now. That might help.
2. If u cant listen to the cackles, that means there is no rooster available at ur place. hehe. btw, seriously or u can use the above time given as a guidance.
3. Make sure that ur place is quite silent.

Good Luck!

Ilalliqa’, Wassalam


~ by sunan89 on March 20, 2010.

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  1. hope y’all can leave the comment or criticise. surely can ask any question. ill try to help..:)

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