A Night With Friends


On March 20, myself, nalin, nik and abg boi went to Ar-Rawsha Ampang just wanna spend time to chill n rilex.  We arrived at 11 pm.  Me and nik sat on the other table,  nalin n abg boi just beside us.  seriously, nik helped me a lot.  She indeed a good listener.  not only listen, she gave some good feedback, comments n support and encouraged me well.  I was just hoping before there is still some1 can listen to me very2 well… Thanks nik!  Not to forget, Nalin my housemate, helped me a lot.  Hes a good listener too but i cant just rely on him to listen to me, coz hes student and i understand his commitments…thanks nalin!

Might the pictures can tell anything..:)

from the left : Kak Azni, Kak Ira, Abg Boi, Nalin, Nik and Ayie(me)

Abg Boi is a Nalin’s cousin.  Actually, he is very talkative and acting-cool guy sometimes.  (jgn marah eh abg boi)..seriously, hes always makes people laugh that nite…A few hours later, Kak Azni n Kak Ira arrived.  Theyre cool actually!

Later on, we just play cards, and the only term is,the loser should be punished(depends on what kind of punishment we decided before each game).

The Top Ranking Loser :

  1. Abg Boi – almost everytime
  2. Nik – almost everytime(she is lesser than abg boi)
  3. Ayie(me), Nalin, Kak Azni, Kak Ira (coz we just lost 1 game only)*wink*

Hahah…i cant stop laughin when the last game punishment is to drink 2 glasses of water.(looks easy but actually that time, every1 is full already, thats gonna be tough!)  So the loser is abg boi, he has to drink!  suddenly Kak Azni wanted him to drink the so-called herbal tea(seriously, it tastes like bwerkk! but most people said its good for health…the very worst part is, Kak Azni has added so many sugar in it..i dont how many, but in a bowl, just quarter of it left…yucks! i hate that! too sweet!  Abg boi refused to drink that tea even its only a cup, still it tastes like (dunno how to describe) only bwerk! might helps u understand…

Around 4 a.m, we went back home… On the way back, me, nalin and nik talked about everything, the fav topic is the nik’s place. thailand..sawadikap! hehehe…wheres abg boi?? ha, we just sent him back before that at serdang…while chatting, suddenly nalin told me something…

Nalin : Aq jd sawan la ceni.

Ayi : why?

Nalin : Aq borak dgn nik kot td, pastuh dia diam je.  sempat ag tgk2 kat luar tuh..adoi2..

pastuh, nik baru pasan…

Nik : pardon?

Ayie : Nalin tny ko td, ko x jwb..

Nik : Aww, sorry guys! i thought u tgh ckp ngan ayie..tuh aq wat dek je.

Later on, they continue chatting, while me, just observed them..i noticed suddenly nik became so frenly(mb die xnk nalin kecik ati kot) then i interfered;

Ayie : Nalin, u know what?

Nalin : What?

Ayie : i think nik is trying to be frenly la..

Nalin : i think so…

Nik tension and shouting..

Nik : Ayie, aq bnci ko! aq x pasan la td! dah la tuh! ngadela ko ni! dahla mls nak ckp ngan ko!

Ayie : sorryla nik, aq guraw je kot td..heheh

Nalin : hehehe

both of us laughed out loud that time…hahahha…while nik, with the scary n sadness face..heheh..jgn mrh ye nik??adoi!

then, we sent nik to ukm, n went back home…hah, tired!

Everybody was hepi that night… But im not sure when i can feel that moment again…i dont wanna memorize the memories, bcoz its too painful…:(..lets just think forward n build my self again!

Ilalliqa’, Wassalam


~ by sunan89 on March 21, 2010.

2 Responses to “A Night With Friends”

  1. ngok ngek lu ayie..wat malu aku je ko ni…weee…but anyway.. i enjoy dat nite..:p great!

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